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Kris Hebert
Kris has been sewing for almost 50 years, quilting for 28. She attended Florida State University where she earned her B.S. in Fashion Design & Merchandising and later received a Human Sciences Education Certificate from Florida international University. Owner of 3 sewing and quilt shops for over 10 years, Kris has learned what it takes to make a business successful. Kris shares her knowledge of techniques, as well as her expertise on the products she uses. Students enjoy the classes and feel a sense of accomplishment as well as an understanding of techniques that can be used in future projects. Kris is the new Director of Education for The Rhinestone Genie and a Certified National Educator for Pam Damour. She is an award-winning quilter and holds other certifications in quilting education as well as a Jenny Haskins Academy of Accreditation Embroidery Teacher. She is a fun and talented instructor; her passion and enthusiasm are highly contagious. During the summer months you’ll find Kris teaching sailing camp and competing in sailing races in Florida and Virginia.
Kris Hebert is an independent sales affiliate of Rhinestone Genie. On this page you will will find out more about her, what she does, and contact information. Rhinestone Genie is proud to  to work with and recommend Kris.


                          Virtual or Onsite Classes, Demos, and Workshops
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Contact Info:                      850-508-7293

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