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Your Resource For Success!

Here you will find resources, information, and marketing tools to help you promote and sell Rhinestone Genie Products.
If you would like to see or add ideas or materials that you have found successful please send an email to

Affiliate Dashboard

Your main source of information and statistics on your traffic, conversions, sales rewards, commissions, statistics. You will also find several marketing tools that will help you succeed in promoting Rhinestone Genie.

Dashboard Marketing Tools 
Affiliate Dashboard Marketing Tools

Affiliate link:  Main link that tracks your traffic and sales. Embed into images, emails, blogs, facebook posts, etc. . .
Promotional Emails: Proven email messages that you can copy and paste into emails to friends and contacts.
Banner Ads: Digital advertising images to include on your web site, emails, blog posts, facebook etc.
Documents: Things that can be helpful to have available, order forms, logos, catalogs, and more.
Promo Code: Give this promo code out to anyone for them to get a 10% discount on our site.

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Marketing Materials

Catalog Order Form Coupon
Catalog Order Form Coupon
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Demo / Bling Party Supplies

Extra supplies are avialble for easy online ordering.

Catalog Apron  Rhinestone
Promo Packs
Catalog Apron Template Organizer
Make & Take
Zip Bags
Make & Take
Gift Bags
Demo Kit
Zip Bags Demo KIt

Internet Banner Ads & Digital Images

All images are copyrighted and for the use of Rhinestone Genie Sales Affiliates and authorized individuals. Use of images by anyone else is prohibited unless written authorization is provided upon request.
728 x 90 Bling Anything In Minutes
160 x 600 Bling Anything 300 x 250 Bling Anything In Minutes 250 x 250 Logo 1 125 x 125 Logo 2
125 x 125 Logo 1
250 x 250 Logo 3 250 x 250 Logo 2 125 x 125 Logo 3
234 x 60 Bling Anything In Minutes 234 x 60 Bling Anything
468 x 60 Bling Anything In Minutes