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We offer our affiliate partners the opportunity to earn generous commissions.

  • Earn 25% commission on first level sales.
  • Earn an additional 5% on all sales originating from affiliates you refer.


Earn 25% Commission Plus 5% on Referrals

We offer a 2 tier affiliate program. You earn an industry leading 25% of any sale you refer through the banners or links you share. If you sign up someone else for our affiliate program you also earn 5% of their sales.  Sales are tracked automatically with industry leading software from OSI affiliate management. Our 2 tier program combined with excellent software makes it easy for our affiliates to maximize their earnings.

There is No Cap on Your Earnings And Cookies Last 1 Year

With our affiliate program there's nothing like too much business. For all the sales you refer, you will get a commission. We also set our cookes to 1 year. This means that if a client you refer orders anytime within 1 year from the same computer you'll earn your commission.

We Provide All Marketing Materials

We simplify the affiliate process by providing all the marketing materials you need. As an affiliate you have easy access to links, banners and email templates to use in your promotions. We're also happy to customize banners if you have a specific need.

We Pay You Monthly on Sales Referred

You will receive your commission payments at the end of the month no matter how small or large your payment is. You can choose payment through PayPal or U.S. bank check.

Easily Access to All Your Commissions

Our affiliate software is state of the art and offers an excellent interface that allows you to instantly keep track of the success of your marketing efforts. We provide detailed reports to help you know where your marketing strategy succeeds and where you need to make changes.


How do I get started?

Click the APPLY NOW button to join our affiliate program. We provide you access to our program with all the materials you need to promote our products. All the hard work has been done, all you need to do is tell your friends and market to your audience.

Where can I advertise your products and services?

You can advertise our company on your blog, website.  You can also include your affiliate link in emails you send to your subscribers.  We will provide you with banners and links.

Do you pay via Paypal and how often do you pay?

Yes, we pay via PayPal or by U.S. bank check and we pay commissions at the end of the month.

Can I recruit other affiliates?

Yes, you can refer other affiliates and earn money whenever they send a successful sale. Also, we provide you with reports to see all the commissions they bring you.

Do you have reports of activity from my links?

Yes, we have detailed reports that will help you make the right decisions to help you earn more. We offer click reports, sales reports, traffic comparison reports, orders per click reports, and more.